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Act as a Bi-Partisan Bridge

  • With Congressional approval at all time low's and after 2 years of gridlock, I promise to identify and work on solutions where there is agreement in Congress.

  • As your Congressman, I will spend the next two years creating the "Woman President Coalition".

  • I will create a Strategic Plan and seek Congressional support for the "Much Needed and Much Promised"infrastructure development.

National Minimum Wage to $15 per hour

  • After much prayerful consideration, I have decided that Southern New Mexico workers deserve much more proactive support from Congress.  Especially, since our current Congresswoman voted against this measure.  I believe this is the first and most essential step in reducing the wealth gap and building our middle class.

  • I will work for voter support and Congressional action to raise the National Minimum Wage ("NMW") to $15 per hour.  I propose that the current NMW of $7.25/hour (for 11 years) will be raised by $1 per hour each year until reaching $15/hour.  Each successive year, the NMW will be increased at the same rate as Social Security Payments are increased. 

  • All exemptions to the NMW will be eliminated except for; 1) owners of 10% or more of the business entity, 2) Workers that are being trained in a technical or vocational trade under a Department of Labor Licensed training program, and workers in a non-profit charitable organization.

  • NMW will apply to all Workers regardless of employer, regardless of the worker's legal standing as to their presence in the United States.

  • All tips, gratuities and rewards will be the property of the worker unless specifically granted to the business.

  • While many assert that paying workers subpar wages is tantamount to "slavery", it is certainly a source of much distrust in the Free Enterprise System of Capitalism.  Only 4 other states have a lower per capita income than New Mexico.


Economic Development of Southern New Mexico

  • I will organize at least one Micro Business Incubator and seek private investors to act as "Angel Capital" for Startup Companies in the District.

  • I will organize an industry sponsored Foundation to provide scholarships for vocational and technical training.   Modeled after the program established by Mike Rowe.

  • I will create a district wide "Think Tank" to develop business strategies for utilizing the USMCA Trade Agreement to develop jobs and businesses.

  • I will arrange for pro bono legal work, retired executive consultation and SBA support for financially challenged businesses.  The objective of which is to mitigate business failures due to COVID19.

  • I will organize a monthly social media broadcast of experts discussing "Starting and Operating a Small Business" targeting potential entrepreneurs in District 2.

  • I sill create a Strategic Business Plan for each low population county in the District.  The objective of which will be to provide a road map of creating either stand alone businesses or Co-operative businesses for the taxpayers of that county.

  • On my Congressional website, I will provide a list of Federal contracts that may be bid upon by minority and women owned businesses.

  • I will organize at least one industry trade show in either Las Cruces, Roswell, Carlsbad or Hobbs.

  • I will solicit foreign individual investors of at least $1,000,000 and provide a county by county commercial background to provide a guide to potential investments.

  • I will oppose any candidate, movement or legislation which threatens the three major sources of revenue for District 2 (energy, tourism, Mexico trade).

Staff of my Congressional Offices;

  • I will hire ONLY men and women who have retired from military service as staff in my offices. 

  • For the many special projects within District 2, I will seek corporate contributions to fund managers of those projects. 

  • I will identify at least two possible candidates to replace me in 2022 and to have them serve as advisors and surrogate speakers for my office


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